Alexandru DoniaAlexandru Stefan Donia was born in Romania to Romanian parents. He immigrated to Canada in 1996 and grew up in the beautiful multicultural city of Montreal. His dad is a self made entrepreneur. His mom is a creative and wise woman who is passionate about life and its lessons.  

Alexandru graduated High School and College with a Sports and Leisure Major. He grew up loving sports and movies. Fun fact; Alex has a mind-blowing memory when it comes to sports statistics and historical sports events. 

Growing up Alex played ice hockey, football and tennis competitively. As a hyperactive kid Alex has always love to dance. A couple of his mentors growing up have been Joe Sakic, Dwyane Wade and actors like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Liev Schreiber. He loves his pets and family time is always comes first. 

Alexandru Stefan Donia graduated from the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory. His many aspirations are; to be a leading actor in TV and Films Internationally. He dreams to one day work with the Quentin Tarantinos, Martin Scorseses, David Leitchs of the world. Alex also loves the stage and would welcome any opportunity to Act on Broadway. His other interests include having his own sports fashion company one day where most of the proceeds will go to charities closes to his heart. Cancer awareness, ALS awareness and Animal Rights. 


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Alexandru Donia